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slurry wall
Slurry Walls

Mobil Oil Corporation - Santa Barbara, CA

Dorfman supports the operations of Geo-Con and extends existing arm (for 1266) to excavate a slurry wall to a depth of 68 feet while minimizing construction activity in a highly sensitive area.

New Waddell Dam - Phoenix, AZ

EBASCO mandates a four foot wide, 68 foot deep slurry wall. Geo-Con chooses Koehring 1266 with a special bucket to meet challenge of excavating the tough, rocklike formation.
hydraulic excavator
Just one of Dorfman's 185,000-pound Koehring hydraulic excavators.

Queen City Farms - Kent, WA

Hayward Baker selects 1066 and 1466 for remediation project at Boeing site. Koehring 1466 equipped with an Adco 48" "V" bottom rock bucket excavates for a 68 foot deep slurry wall in extremely hard glacial till. Excavation completes on schedule.

Allied Signal Corporation - Ironton, OH

IT Corporation chooses Dorfman to provide an extended two-piece arm for the Koehring 1266 to reach a depth of 90 feet; oversized cylinders are installed to insure hoisting capability.

City Landfill - Ann Arbor, MI

Dorfman fabricates an extension in the boom and arm in order to reach the required depth of 72 feet; includes oversized hoist cylinders in support of McLaren/Hart Remediation.

Greenhaven Pocket Levee - Sacramento, CA

Contractors, ICOS Corporation and Haliburton NUS, specify a trench width of only 12" and 18". Dorfman fabricates narrow extended arms and special buckets for Koehring 1066 and Caterpillar 225 to meet these requirements.

Peters Creek Lagoon - Clairton, PA

A slurry wall specified to a depth of 78-82 feet; however, machine also required to be able to excavate to 90 feet deep. IT Corporation elects to use Koehring 1466 with newly fabricated long boom/arm together with the additional attachment - a two-piece arm - for depths in excess of 82 feet. After encountering vesicular cindery lava (slag), Dorfman provides a special Adco "V" bottom rock bucket to meet tough soil conditions.

Bristol Landfill - Croydon, PA

Sevenson Environmental calls for a larger excavator because of tough digging. Koehring 1166 with extended arm and a dig depth of 53 feet replaces existing machine, increases production and completes slurry wall on schedule.
levee strengthening
Koehring 1466 excavator with extended arm, extended boom and special rock bucket.

BIF-CECOS Intl. Landfill - Williamsburg, OH

IT Corporation encounters unexpected production problems and they request Dorfman mobilize the Koehring 1166; on site and operational in seven days.

Levee Strengthening - Yuba City, CA

This slurry wall excavation on the Sacramento River included the installation of 930,000 square feet to be completed in eight weeks. Dorfman furnishes two Koehring 1166's with extended boom/arm and oversized cylinders to meet the depth of 74 feet. Dorfman provides four operators and the machines work two ten-hour shifts, six days a week in support of Western Geo-Constructors. Trench excavation completes on schedule.

Levee Strengthening - Sacramento, CA

A demanding schedule for completion set by the Corps of Engineers. The project, adjacent to a residential area, allows for daylight working hours only. Utilizing a Koehring 1466 with extended boom/arm and oversized cylinders and loading into trucks, excavation completes on schedule. Contractor/Subcontractor: AFA/Geo-Con.

Levee Strengthening - Stovall, MS

Excavation to 95 feet deep. With project behind schedule, Remedial Construction Services (RCS) needs a large hydraulic excavator that can withstand the rigors of a double shift (seven days a week). Dorfman mobilizes a Koehring 1466 with extended boom/arm including 13" hoist cylinders. Slurry wall excavation completes within the time allotted by the Corps of Engineers.

Site Development - Southhampton, England

A slurry wall to 92 feet deep for TAG-McLaren World Headquarters under direction of Keller Engineering. A Koehring 1466 across the high seas for five months of deep excavation. Project completes on schedule.

Lake Keechelus Dam Modification - Eastern Washington

The Koehring 1466 modified for 81 foot deep trench excavation including removal of boulders for Kiewit-Western.
General Marine Cleanup
slurry wall crane
Koehring 1266 excavator with extended arm placing rip rap; breakwater construction at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

Diablo Nuclear Power Plant, Avila Beach, CA

Dorfman provides a custom extended arm for the Koehring 1266 to meet a 53 foot depth/78 foot reach to repair storm damaged breakwater. Working double shifts, Dorfman operators place rip rap underwater, directions between divers and operators accomplished by using two-way radios. Contractor/Agency: Healy Tibbitts/Pacific Gas and Electric.

Pacific Coast Hwy. Slide Removal - Malibu, CA

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) requests immediate (emergency) response to assist in slide removal operations. Koehring 1066 is transported 400 miles and placed in operation within 36 hours. Dorfman operator positions machine to retain potential slides and thereafter, removes these materials to safe area. Contractor: Burns-Pacific Construction Inc.

Chollas Creek Dredging - San Diego, CA

A Koehring 1066 long reach excavator with specially fabricated lightweight, perforated, five cubic yard sand bucket is used to unload dredged sand from barges and load into trucks or stockpiles. Contractor: Soli-Flo (Fluor Corp.)

Berth 302 - Port of Los Angeles, CA

Contractor, Fletcher-General-Kiewit, selects the Koehring 1466 with a medium front, standard arm and extended two-piece arm for the long reach to remove existing rock protection, stockpile, sort and replace rip rap on a project spanning thirteen months.

Naval Carrier Wharf - San Diego, CA

The Koehring 1066 with extended boom/arm and Dorfman operator experienced in underwater work prepares the subgrade and places the rip rap.
slurry wall crane

Pond Closures - Pocatello, ID

The Koehring 1066 with extended arm placed rock and constructed road bed through center of pond.

Glen Cove Creek - Long Island, NY

The Koehring 1166 with extended boom/arm had reach of 82 feet (restricted to one side of canal only) and handled 5½ cubic yard bucket to remove contaminated materials..

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