Approaching our 90th year of service, our commitment to dependable, conscientious performance remains. Call Dorfman to unleash the muscle you need to move your mountains.

Experienced Operators

Our operators, hazmat certified, are trained, experienced and proud of an average length of service in excess of ten years. This means operators who solve the equations of cycle time with the primary factors — reach (to 120 feet), depth (to 95 feet), capacity and a heavy dose of seasoning.

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We are a company that responds!

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Experienced Management

Charles Dorfman’s original certification of responsible management is recognized as “a given” in every project associated with the Dorfman name.

Superior Equipment

We offer heavy duty excavators to meet the demands of the work. Depending on the lift requirements, oversized hoist cylinders and/or assist cylinders may be utilized.  Since trench widths vary, we have fifty different sized buckets – flat, “V” bottom, rock, narrow, wide and perforated.